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Often where there is not agreement between the parties on how to resolve a conflict, litigation is the only, and sometimes best, option available.  Lauren has the experience and expertise to represent clients zealously to reach their indgoals.  While the litigation process can be daunting and overwhelming, Lauren is equipped with the skills and empathy required to walk with clients as they navigate the court system.  

Litigation is also a time when Lauren is able to pursue robust negotiations to obtain a favorable result for her clients and their families.  Just because litigation is initiated, it doesn't mean that the family is doomed to undergo years of messy legal battles.  There are still many ways to amicably resolve a dispute even after a case is filed.  Often the litigation process provides the tools to obtain important facts and data to reach the right resolution in a specific case.

Lauren offers a free consultation to help you better understand how she can represent you through the litigation process.

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Practice Areas: Divorces, Uncontested Divorces, Divorce Modifications, Step Parent Adoptions, Pre-nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Contempts, and Wills 


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