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Lauren Smith named a Rising Star for Mediation and Arbitration for all of Georgia!
1 of only 3 lawyers named in this category state wide.

Mediation is a great tool for resolving domestic conflicts.  Every family situation is unique and those intricacies are best understood by the specific parties rather than by a judge or a jury.  Mediation provides parties with the autonomy to craft solutions that best fit their lives and the specific circumstances.  This is particularly true in situations where children are involved.

Lauren is a certified domestic mediator, having completed over 120 hours of mediation training.  She also has nearly a decade of extensive hands-on mediation experience allowing her to be able to fully capitalize on the benefits that mediation can provide.

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If you would like to schedule your mediation or arbitration with Lauren, please use the tool below. Mediations and arbitrations are scheduled in 8 hour blocks, with only one booked per day.  While 8 hours may not be necessary, families typically take most, if not all of the day for a successful mediation. 


The calendar defaults for a 9:00 am start time, but if you would like to start at a different time, that can be arranged.  The fees for mediations or arbitrations are equally divided by the parties (i.e. $150 per hour per party), unless otherwise agreed upon.  Any mediation or arbitration session that is cancelled within 24 business hours prior to the session are subject to a 2 hour ($600) fee to the canceling party. 

Once scheduled, our team will contact you to determine any remaining details. 

  • $300 / hour
  • $300 / hour

Learn More About Mediation and Arbitration


Mediation is a great tool for resolving domestic conflicts.  Lauren performs mediations for parties who are self represented, as well as those who are represented by attorneys.  She can mediate conflicts wherever they arise in the family context.  Most commonly she is called upon to mediate for individuals who are looking to obtain an agreement on how to settle the issues in their divorce.  These issues can include financial assets, detailed custody arrangements, child support, alimony, division of business interests, how to dispose of the martial house, division of debts, and more. 


Arbitration differs from mediation in that mediations are a negotiation between the parties to reach an agreement, and arbitration is where the neutral listens to each side present evidence and arguments and then will issue a binding decision that is submitted to the Court to be the final order in the parties' case.


Lauren's arbitration services are also available for those who are not able to reach a resolution through mediation or negotiation, but are seeking a swift, thoughtful, and comprehensive resolution to their dispute.


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